öhmer is one of the few manufacturers to produce both bolted and fully welded ball valves and to serve a very wide range of applications. The product portfolio includes shut-off valves used in the energy industry as well as in the oil and gas industry. Böhmer is known worldwide for the reliability of its products and supplies valves for above-ground and underground pipelines, as well as for undersea pipelines. We are proud to be part of the group of the few manufacturers that are API 6DSS certified.

Whether it is gaseous, liquid or solid media extreme demands are met by sturdy designs with highly resistant materials. Böhmer proves the absolute suitability of its ball valves by applying all testing and certification procedures required and common throughout the industry. It is no coincidence that products from Böhmer are often cited as a reference.

To maintain this status, we continuously invest in modernization and innovation. New materials, designs and procedures are developed and extensively tested. Top priority is always ensuring safety and reliability over the entire service life.

In our production facilities we have one of the most modern machinery in the industry. Nevertheless, we are convinced that the experience and motivation of our employees is the ultimate key to the high quality of our product. Therefore we are extremely proud of the highly experienced teams in all departments of our company.

Currently, Böhmer produces at two locations in Germany and also serves the Asian market from its plants in Kazakhstan and China.

As international as our company is set up, so are our projects: All over the world our ball valves serve as shut-off units: For example in gas storage facilities, in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, in power plants or in transmission pipelines transporting oil and gas. Böhmer is also well known for its solutions for district heating networks.

Midsund Bruk AS

Midsund Bruk sells, designs, engineers and fabricates mainly pressure vessels and storage tanks for various applications, including subsea, using different design codes (PED, EN 13445, ASME U and U2 and PD 5500) and an array of welding technologies. We are particularly competitive at heavy carbon steel vessels (such as P355/P500), vessels made in exotic steel (including stainless (316 L), duplex (22% Cr), super-duplex (25% Cr), 6Mo, Inconel 625/825) and Titanium. Some of our vessels also require internal overlay cladding as well as Post-Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), which is performed inhouse.

We also serve our customers through Pre-FEED and FEED phases with design, engineering and documentation. Based upon this we can also provide cost estimates. We have all required skills in NDE and surface treatment, which includes inhouse NDE Level II/III and Frosio Level III. This means we are a one-stop-shop for vessels including insulation, internal process equipment and external fixture such as ladders and platforms. Note that we also perform design reviews of third-party designs, and we follow up other fabricators on behalf of our customers.

We are also in the process of establishing ourselves within the subsea segment designing, fabricating and testing modules made of exotic steel. We are also interested in custom-made jobs that fit our core competence.

We are a part of NOV and can source in competence when needed. This said, we deliver internals of all makes – NOV is just one of them. As such, we are a relatively independent unit with stand-alone project execution.

Branch - Hattingen


We have state-of-the-art cutting machines

Our new Messer cutting machine not only cuts in 3 axes using both plasma and gas (OxiFuel), but it is linked directly to the 3D model. The same holds true for our sand and water machine. The Messer machine can cut 100 mm duplex whereas the sand and water machine cuts 250 mm albeit much more slowly.

We have one of the largest rollers in Scandinavia, newly upgraded

Our 3 rolling machine has a capacity of up to 150 mm. The thickness naturally depends on the width and the material strength (E-module). We also deliver conical parts if needed.

Large variety of welding equipment

We have everything from handheld TIG machines to large welding cranes (10m high and 8 m long) for SAW. We are in the process of upgrading ourselves in robotics. We have one operational robot, and more is to come.

Large workshops

We have three main workshops:

  • Hall 1 – l04 m x 25 m with hook height of 12 m and max crane capacity of 64 tons.
  • Hall 2 – l04 m x 25 m with hook height of 8/12 m and max crane capacity of 100 tons.
  • Hall 3 – 60 m x 30 m with hook height of 27 m and max crane capacity of 250 tons.

Specialty workshops

We have other workshops for special jobs such as:

  • Sandblasting- and painting (32 m long, 12 m wide and 11 m high).
  • Post-Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) (17 m long, 11 m wide and 7 m high).
  • Hall for Washing, pickling and passivation (25,5 m long, 7 m wide and 8 m high).

Large outdoor area with deep-water quays

We have 25 000 m2 outdoor area for storage and large-size operations. To help us at this we have a75 tons portal crane.

Our main quay is 6 meter deep and 50 meters long, but we can easily facilitate 15 meters depth using a barge for roll-on/roll-off at the north end. We are approved by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

We work using several software applications in design and engineering

We use Visual Vessel Design (VVD), PVElite, ANSYS, FEMAP, AutoDesk Inventor, WeldEye and SharePoint in addition to standard Microsoft Office.

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Contact Information

Midsund Bruk

Industrivegen 50

6475 Midsund


Email: midsund@nov.co

Web: www.midsundbruk.no

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