Design and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks since 1985

Midsund Bruk sells, designs, engineers and fabricates mainly pressure vessels and storage tanks for various applications, including subsea, using different design codes (PED, EN 13445, ASME U and U2 and PD 5500) and an array of welding technologies. We are particularly competitive at heavy carbon steel vessels (such as P355/P500), vessels made in exotic steel (including stainless (316 L), duplex (22% Cr), super-duplex (25% Cr), 6Mo, Inconel 625/825) and Titanium. Some of our vessels also require internal overlay cladding as well as Post-Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), which is performed inhouse.

We also serve our customers through Pre-FEED and FEED phases with design, engineering and documentation. Based upon this we can also provide cost estimates. We have all required skills in NDE and surface treatment, which includes inhouse NDE Level II/III and Frosio Level III. This means we are a one-stop-shop for vessels including insulation, internal process equipment and external fixture such as ladders and platforms. Note that we also perform design reviews of third-party designs, and we follow up other fabricators on behalf of our customers.

We are also in the process of establishing ourselves within the subsea segment designing, fabricating and testing modules made of exotic steel. We are also interested in custom-made jobs that fit our core competence.

We are a part of NOV and can source in competence when needed. This said, we deliver internals of all makes – NOV is just one of them. As such, we are a relatively independent unit with stand-alone project execution.

We have recently delivered three off pressure vessels for a client on time, right quality and agreed price without any HSE incidents.

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For additional information please contact:

Ole Ståle Sandnes | Sales Manager

+47 41532816

Rostislav Haruda | Tendering Manager

+47 41532804

Jan Emblemsvåg | General Manager

+47 48264515