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Issue 80 • December 2020

Welcome to the new edition of Offshore Technology Focus. 

We've put together a new look for the magazine, with a new structure that should hopefully enhance your reading experience. What's not changing is our commitment to bringing you top quality coverage of the offshore industry, along with new analysis and insight from GlobalData.

The road to climate neutrality is long but one that oil companies are having to increasingly consider. In this issue, we talk with Maersk Drilling's head of integrity and projects Caroline Alting about the company's industry-leading CO2 reduction targets and the wider future of fossil fuels.

On the subject of climate neutrality, Joe Biden is now President-elect of the US. Unlike self-proclaimed 'oil man' Donald Trump, Biden has made clear that green energy and climate change are firmly on the agenda for his administration. We dive into what his election might mean for the country's offshore sector.

Also in the world of carbon emissions and the control or reduction thereof, the Norwegian Government has proposed a $2.7bn full-scale carbon capture and storage project called Longship, part of which will be a joint carbon dioxide transport and storage project between Equinor, Shell, and Total called Northern Lights. The venture will become the first storage site in the world to receive and capture carbon dioxide from industrial sources in several countries and could prove monumental for the region's climate efforts.

For all this and more, read on. 

Callum Tyndall, editor