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hen the US firm Noble Energy first discovered the Aphrodite gas field off the coast of southeast Cyprus in late 2011, expectations in the small Mediterranean island were high. It was hoped the 125 billion cubic meters of gas potentially hidden under the surface could help the country become a major regional energy player and even galvanise efforts to reconcile its estranged Greek and Turkish communities.

Fast forward seven years however, and the much-vaunted deposits seem to have resulted in little but polarisation and further geopolitical tensions in the already troubled region.

In February, Turkish warships were dispatched to prevent operations by the Italian energy company ENI, which had been commissioned by the Cypriot government to carry out drilling activities. A month later, in March, Turkey announced plans to send its own drilling ship to the region a few days after the US energy giant ExxonMobil dispatched survey vessels to the area. Both incidents marked a low point in a mounting dispute between Turkey and Cyprus over the oil and gas deposits.

“It was a step further in the escalation level,” says Hubert Faustmann, professor of history and international relations at the University of Nicosia. “To send warships to [stop] foreign drilling ships has not happened before.”

Zenatek are a leading specialist for tracking systems –how did you become a market leader?

Zenatek was born from the encounter of various business experiences: the logistics component led the company to the awareness that the world market was ready to receive a service that could provide an agile and effective tracking service at the right price for the forwarding industry. With this program in mind, we have begun to develop service components following the line of wishing to offer good service at the right cost. We started collaborating with companies and people who had our own business future vision, and so together with them, the level of service we pursued and the market showed us that our ideas were necessary and required by the market

The tracking systems you provide, who is your targeted market within oil and gas sector for this product?

With our self-powered devices (Zenatek Tracking Device) , we offer the opportunity to trace goods in transit and particularly intermodal, either in container, truck and pallet shipments. So, we turn to the transport and logistics industry that, in oil and gas, is a very important feature. With our service, the shipper and particularly the owner of the goods, can always know where the shipment is, in case of any problems to be immediately warned, in real time via e-mail during the transport. The ZTD is disposable, it is not necessary to waste resources for recover the same, spending time and money for sending it back. Using our device powered by an autonomous power source, our customer can constantly monitor the positions and activities of the shipment, and always having the possibility of being warned in the event such as the exit of an equipment from a predetermined area, using the electronic fencing system which can be activated with the Zenatek System. 

Tell us about some of your success stories over the past few years in the Oil and Gas sector?

Our client asked us to monitor his generators with our tracking service:  the gen-sets were assembled in Europe then equipped with our tracking ZTD and shipped to a Country in North Africa where they reached our client’s plant. After some time, due to a political turmoil in the Country, the staff was withdrawn from the plant and the equipment abandoned and subsequently removed and stolen. When the local political situation returned to normality, our customer, thanks to our still functioning localization devices, was able to trace and then recover the generators and returned them to the plant installation. This is one of the many episodes that make it clear that a tracking service can be important especially in the difficult geographic and political areas where the oil-and-gas Companies often are operating. 

How can Zenatek’s services, help companies within the Oil and Gas sector?

The timely receipt of information about the location of goods in transit or the and equipment status  at the operation plants, gives the possibility to optimize delivery times, to better manage the situation and to make decisions having a more detailed control of the equipment standing. These are the benefits that our service gives to customers; if we add the fact that our service is extremely easy to handle and data recording, the very easy ZTS installation and activation. The Zenatek web tracking platform is very intuitive, beside the cost of such service is extremely convenient, it's easy to imagine the reasons why many shippers have chosen Zenatek as a reliable partner in their oil and gas projects.

With current market situation, with low oil prices, is this affecting you getting business from the oil and gas sector?

Every market can suffer from moments of crisis, but this should not be considered as a negative factor, but it must be a spur to optimize the control of such expensive equipment used in this field of activity, to improve the control at time of economic downturn. To be honest, we do not know if and when the oil price will return to pre-crisis levels, but we strongly believe that our tracking services are important for this industry that needs to know  if their shipments of vital goods and material are handled properly during the transport for the proper functioning of the plants and also regarding the perishable goods to be transported for the welfare of the staff that works in these always difficult conditions they usually operate. With this planned vision, our service helps a lot to optimize time, resources, and as direct consequence, both in the short and long time range: in conclusion to save money

As the CEO of the company, why should clients from the oil and gas sector choose Zenatek?

We appreciate this question of yours, which well reflects the spirit of our cross-service. Our service can help different fields or faces of a single business; we think of the logistics industry that, thanks to accurate and precise information, can optimize the flow of shipments to improve their costs. This also regarding the security and insurance side of the business, that thanks to the Zenatek Tracking Service is offering; to be able to know where and when a sinister due to crash or theft has occurred, adding an enormous “quality" to the sector, as it can be guaranteed timeliness and respect for transport conditions.

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