As environmental groups look for new ways to influence the oil and gas sector, we take a look at the world of investor activism and how groups like Follow This are effecting companies choices. We also take a look at the best and brightest start-ups in the UK’s oil and gas industry, being supported by the Oil and Gas Technology Centre.

As tensions in the Mediterranean grow, Cyprus is eager to develop and protect its oil deposits, but could it play a larger role in the oil industry? Elsewhere, as Mexico’s offshore industry takes off, we speak to Blue Bull Energy, a company helping local companies to grow and meet international standards, so that they too can benefit from the boom.

In technology, we take a look at a human machine augmented reality interface being developed by AspenTech, as well as talking to Fieldbit about how artificial intelligence can change the industry. In Russia, a new ultrasonic technology for acoustic low-frequency exploration is being developed that could make it easier to operate in the Arctic.

Finally, we take a look at the true cost of decommissioning in the UKCS and talk to the Union of Concerned Scientists about their takeaways from the recent oil major’s annual meetings.

Molly Lempriere, editor

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