How to guarantee both excellent technology and cost decrease

The increasing demand for energy throughout the world is pushing forward the research of new Oil & Gas reservoir with a general request to maximize the extraction of hydrocarbons to reduce the production costs. The target is to achieve the maximum quantity of oil from each well, to extend the service life of the reservoir and to optimize the yields of hydrocarbons.

Water, including sea-water and produced water, is widely used for injection, service or cooling water on offshore oil production platforms and vessels. A proper filtration of the water is necessary for an effective management of production costs.

To satisfy this need BEA Technologies designs and manufactures reliable filters and filtration systems for the separation of solid particles from 3,500 micron to 0.2 micron. The range of production includes following type of filters:

  • FILTROMATIC - Self-cleaning water automatic filters up to 6,000m³/hr per unit
  • Basket strainers for service and source water filtration
  • Bag filter units, available in single or multiple bag vessels
  • Customised cartridge filters for water injection
  • Skid-mounted systems for cooling water filtration
  • Pre-filtration to protect Reverse osmosis (RO) systems
  • Activated carbon filtration systems
  • Pressure leaf filters for the retention of high quantity of fine particles
  • High-pressure filter vessels

BEA Technologies self- cleaning automatic filters for source water filtration 

Especially if the water is obtained from the sea, it is essential to separate sand particles, pieces of wood, algae and other materials which may precipitate or plug any other equipment installed on the platform. To serve this purpose, considering the current technology, it is convenient to install the automatic self-cleaning filters, which are extremely reliable and only require personnel to carry out checks on a planned schedule: consequently, continuous flow without interruption and full cleaning of the filter element are guaranteed with minimal water and energy waste. Carbon steel filters with internal rubber coating are supplied for sea-water use; filter elements and fastenings are made of stainless steel 316L or DUPLEX S.S. in case of high salinity water. The investment cost of automatic self-cleaning filters is easily recovered through the consistent savings in maintenance of equipment positioned downstream of the filters, consumables and moreover they comply with regulations and safety company policies. The savings of costs include:

  • No plugging and solid precipitation in water tanks.
  • Minor maintenance operations in remote sites, including offshore rigs and FPSOs
  • Reduced wear on seals and bearings of injection pumps
  • Increased interval between changes of cartridges or bags in fine filtration systems
  • Better protection and longer service life of RO and UF membrane systems
  • Consistent reduction in water storage that must be stored or disposed of
  • Significant reduction in contaminant concentration through the piping allowing companies to stay ahead of tightening water quality regulations