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Issue 86 • December 2021

Welcome to the new edition of Offshore Technology Focus. 

In this issue, we investigate delays to the much-ballyhooed, and much-maligned, Nord Stream 2 pipeline. With Germany temporarily suspending work on the project, we ask if Europe could be heading for a winter of oil disruption, and consider the geopolitical pressures facing national governments when oil and gas logistics spreads over international boundaries.

Elsewhere, we consider some of the more dramatic regional impacts of changes to the oil and gas industry, and see what lessons can be learned from these examples. From Texas’ infamous winter freeze, to the green power potential of Saudi Arabia, and the potential, or threat, of decommissioning in Scotland, these are tangible examples of the consequences of disruption, innovation and change in an increasingly precarious sector.

We also speak with industry experts to hear the latest on the new technologies and practices in the oil and gas industry. Professor Stuart Haszeldine OBE talks to us about the future of carbon capture and storage in the UK, and Vincent Demoury of the International Group of LNG Importers discusses how shipping could be set to play a vital role in decarbonising the sector more broadly, as we look for expert ideas on the future of oil and gas.

For all this and our usual offering of news, views and analysis, read on.

JP Casey, editor