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Subsea Energy Australia to Make Waves at AOG Energy 2024

Main image credit: Levan Badzgaradze via Unsplash

Subsea Energy Australia (SEA) is set to shine at AOG Energy 2024, an event that stands as a pivotal platform for innovation across the oil, gas, and clean energy sectors. As a key partner of AOG 2024, Subsea will be hosting the Subsea Forum, where key stakeholders and industry experts will lead discussions on the evolving market dynamics and the future of the Australian subsea industry.

Subsea Energy Australia

Founded in 2008, SEA has emerged as a vital industry association representing operators, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in the subsea energy sector. As a not-for-profit organization, SEA has a clear mission: "To be the champion for the growth and development of the entire subsea industry in Australia."

With a diverse membership, including operators, large contracting organisations, SMEs, research institutions, and government representatives, SEA has played a crucial role in steering Australia toward becoming a leading subsea oil and gas center in the Australasian/Southeast Asian region.

The Subsea Forum at AOG Energy 2024

The Subsea Forum is a collaborative effort with the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and Global Underwater Hub (GUH). This forum serves as a focal point for industry experts to delve into the adjustments required for the Australian subsea industry in response to market evolution.

The Subsea Forum will navigate the future of energy security, decarbonization, and the transition to new clean energy sources. Recognising Australia's prowess in LNG development, the forum underscores the pivotal role of the subsea industry in the effective development, maintenance, and efficient operation of fields supporting LNG trains.

Meet Megan Gannaway: Association Manager at SEA

We sat down with Megan Gannaway, the Association Manager at Subsea Energy Australia, to gain insights into the challenges, opportunities, and SEA's role in shaping the subsea landscape.

What are SEA’s initiatives this year?

To support our membership to continue to bring innovation and new technology to the subsea sector, and to develop a comprehensive forum for our membership and community to engage with the emerging offshore wind sector.

What topics or themes are you anticipating at AOG 2024?

Energy Transition will be a major topic throughout AOG 2024, the future energy mix is now being shaped as we strive to meet our decarbonisation targets and the energy sector builds out more renewables with ongoing support from natural gas. From a technical perspective we will see the latest in pipeline innovation, data acquisition, digital twins, AI, robotic solutions and perhaps the emergence of autonomous systems and vehicles.

Specifically, with the announcement of the proposed Bunbury offshore wind zone, offshore wind presents an enormous opportunity for WA, so the offshore wind sector will also feature across the program at AOG 2024.

What do you hope attendees will extract from AOG?

Access to knowledge sharing across the energy sector, a view of the ongoing energy transition and the latest technology and innovation that will support the energy mix of the future. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to collaborate, cooperate and coordinate with the energy sector and formulate future business plans to accelerate economic and regional development.

Additionally, the chance to engage with our members, subject matter experts, research institutions, operators and government agencies through the Subsea Forum at AOG 2024 program will be invaluable, plus the chance to further understand the benefits that becoming a SEA member can bring to the table.

Here’s a taste of what you will see at the Subsea Forum

Subsea Production Systems: Discussions on the latest advancements in subsea production systems, including subsea wellheads, trees, manifolds, and control systems.

Subsea Processing: Exploration of innovative techniques for processing hydrocarbons and other substances directly at the seabed, reducing the need for surface facilities.

Subsea Power and Electrical Systems: Presentations on subsea power generation and distribution systems, including advancements in subsea electrification and power transmission.

Subsea Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR): Discussions on technologies and strategies for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing subsea infrastructure to ensure operational efficiency and safety.

Subsea Robotics and Automation: Exploration of the role of robotics and automation in subsea operations, including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), and robotic manipulators.

Subsea Connectivity and Communication: Talks on advancements in subsea communication technologies, including underwater data transmission, fibre-optic networks, and satellite communication.

Subsea Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability: Presentations on monitoring and mitigating the environmental impact of subsea energy operations, including techniques for monitoring water quality, marine life, and seabed integrity.

Subsea Well Intervention and Control: Discussions on techniques and technologies for intervention and control of subsea wells, including well access systems, intervention risers, and emergency response procedures.

Subsea Pipelines and Flow Assurance: Exploration of pipeline design, installation, and integrity management, as well as strategies for ensuring flow assurance in subsea pipelines.

Subsea Asset Integrity and Risk Management: Talks on methodologies for assessing and managing risks associated with subsea assets, including integrity management systems, risk assessment techniques, and regulatory compliance.

We hope to see you at AOG Energy 2024, 13-15 March at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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