Editor's letter

Issue 95 • March 2024

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Cover image: Aboard Centrica Plc's Planned Carbon Capture And Storage Platform
Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Welcome to the latest issue of Offshore Technology Focus.

In this issue, we discuss pivotal topics shaping the global oil and gas landscape, from groundbreaking advancements to contentious disputes.  

We explore the strides being made in the carbon capture, utilisation and storage industry abuzz with progress, offering hope in our battle against climate change. Our comprehensive explainer delves into the Venezuela and Guyana oil dispute, unravelling the complexities of a region grappling with resource contention.  

Additionally, we investigate the aviation industry's struggle to reconcile profitability with decarbonisation imperatives, with focus on the use of alternative fuels. We unveil the emergence of carbon removal as a potential game-changer, projecting its trajectory towards becoming the world's largest industry. We analyse the ripple effects of Red Sea tensions on oil and shipping markets in the West, alongside an exclusive report on sky-high oil and gas M&A activity. Lastly, we examine the far-reaching implications of the new EU gas directive on the future of hydrogen. 

Jackie Park, editor