Fire Log Software that makes

Fire Safety Compliance Simple

My Ez Fire Check is a proprietary software app that makes it easy for businesses and workplaces to meet their fire safety obligations. Spend less time completing paper checklists while maintaining peace of mind.


My Ez Fire Check Features

  • The checklist is electronically ticked off item by item. 
  • If an item fails, the app prompts one to take a picture and provide an explanation.
  • The responsible person signs a digital signature once completed.
  • Users can set alert times.
  • Log history is time-stamped and stored in the cloud, available for inspection at any time.
  • The comprehensive digital logs cut down the need for paper files.
  • The app's easy to use features also allow for significant time savings.

The app saves businesses both time and money when it comes to fire checks. The system is completely paperless. All checks are conducted using a mobile device that is preloaded with the app. Once the checks are completed and signed off, all the data is stored in the cloud. This means that files can be accessed instantly.

Combined, all of these features drastically reduce the amount of admin required to stay on top of your fire safety obligations.

Fire Checks

Periodic safety checks are required by law. They include fire alarm, lighting and extinguishers. The checklist is ticked off item by item.

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