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SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition

5–7 March 2019 World Forum, The Hague

We invite you to attend the internationally acclaimed leading drilling conference and hear top oil and gas industry professionals deliver their expertise.

Take a look into the conference programme and the selected technical papers that will be presented at the conference:

John Clegg, Director RD&E, Drilling & Evaluation, Weatherford

“This project was an attempt to change the game in terms of how we look at new product development as a direct result of changes in the market over the last few years and the kinds of technical solutions that will succeed in the future, not just for RSS or LWD but across the board.”

SPE Paper 194170–Thursday March 07, 1200–1230 hours in the Directional Drilling session

Maryam Gholami Mayani, System Engineer, eDrilling

“As part of the digital transformation in drilling, the industry moves towards automated monitoring using real time data. We demonstrate how advanced real time monitoring utilizing advanced hydraulic and mechanical modelling of the drilling process provides early detection of anomalies minimizing non-productive time and maximizing value of operations.”

SPE Paper 194178–Tuesday March 05, 1415–1445 hours in the Innovative Technologies for Measurement, Modeling, and Communication session

Umut Zalluhoglu, R&D Mechanical Engineer, Principal, Halliburton

“We decided to write this paper due to the significance of directional drilling automation on improving efficiency. Professionals can learn about the current state of the steering advisory system, which they can then integrate into their own drilling processes and/or improve their current advisory capabilities."

SPE Paper 194077–Thursday March 07, 1130–1200 hours in the Directional Drilling session

See more technical programme highlights from the SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • ACCESS new technologies and insights to navigate the current low-commodity price environment of our business.
  • NETWORK with E&P professionals and drilling experts from around the world, including represenatives from Shell; Saudi Aramco; BP; Equinor; National Oilwell Varco; ExxonMobil; BOS Solutions; Baker Hughes a GE Company; ConocoPhillips; Weatherford; Scientific Drilling; Hess Corporation; Transocean; Oxy Oil & Gas; eDrilling; Bureau Veritas; Schlumberger; Halliburton, and many more.
  • GAIN innovative tactics and applicable tools to advance scientific understanding of drilling and E&P
  • ENHANCE your knowledge with thought provoking presentations and interactive ePoster sessions. View the full conference preview.