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August 2023

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Our September issue covers everything from the highest of technologies to the most common of logistical problems. Oil and gas extractions is implicitly tied to shipping innovation, and we will take a look at the maritime industry to see what lays over the horizon. On more certain tides, Elliot Gardner looks at digital twins, and whether simulated sites can create real change in project safety. Alongside this, our thematic supplement will give you the data on the rise of robotics in the oil and gas industry.


Editor |Matt Farmer

Deputy Editor | Smruthi Nadig

Writers | Ashima Sharma, Nour Ghantous, Isabeau van Halm, Smruthi Nadig, Nnamdi Anyadike

Graphic Designers | Anett Arc, Noemi Balint, Will Ingham, Miriam Garofalo

Publisher | Susanne Hauner


Sales Manager | Tom McCormick
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