Welcome to the latest issue of Offshore Technology Focus. 

Knowledge is a fire. Just as Prometheus gave humanity the fire of ancient gods, modern technology seems set to bless the industry with artificial intelligence beyond its means. 

Since our last issue, attention has turned toward the application of AI in the workplace, particularly in the fun of experimenting with ChatGPT. The potential of AI has set boardrooms ablaze, but debate has also heated up over the potential risks and limitations of the technology. Practically, what are the implications of AI? We speak to industry insiders to find out. 

But in oil and gas, fire is an everyday reality. We take a look at the initiatives aiming to reduce flaring, and the technologies enhancing fire safety. 

Elsewhere, we look at the controversy around Adnoc’s CEO as he hosts COP28, and how efforts to decarbonise aviation mirror events in oil and gas. Also this month, GlobalData provides information on cybersecurity trends. 

Find all this in your edition of Offshore Technology Focus. 

Matt Farmer, editor