Kanda Provides Reliable Offshore Technology Training with Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is a groundbreaking technology enhancing and fueling your offshore workforce training. 

At Kanda we have incorporated VR into wind turbine technology, proving in this sector that VR is a remarkable technology for cheap, accessible, scalable, and reliable training. By creating realistic and agile environments, the training can easily be completed as cooperative efforts or individual competency boosting. 

VR provides complete safety for the training of your staff. The virtual environment can quickly reload any part of the training session, avoiding arduous training sessions.

Our systems collect data throughout the session, mapping movement, effectiveness, and work order, giving you concrete feedback for the worker. This creates a thorough learning experience throughout the process, while providing the instructors with valuable data for future sessions.


Kanda’s Augmented Reality (AR) Provides Complete Overview of Tasks with Hands-free Maintenance

To map tasks and create overview for maintenance workers are two ways AR can optimize the workflow and increase efficiency of offshore technology and maintenance. 

At Kanda we have optimized service and maintenance in the workplace for our clients with applications for AR glasses. By creating a simple and complete overview of tasks, mapped to fit the environment in which they appear, we ensure thorough and flexible solutions for your workers. A benefit of using AR is the hands-free operation, enabling workers to complete on-site maintenance while receiving guidance from the AR application.

Data is available after completing the work, enabling feedback and optimization.