ur aim is to make the Oceans a safer place, by providing education to the people who work on them and by making offshore operations safer.

The Offshore Simulation Centre in Bibra Lake is a world class facility, which offers high quality training and assessment services to the Australian Oil and Gas sector, together with state of the art Digital Asset Simulation, that provides rapid testing and verification of operations, in a safe and repeatable environment.

Integration of multiple high level physics engines into a common environment means that our simulations can be used as a “Red Thread” throughout a project.

 Virtual Prototyping

Proof of concept is provided by the integration of industry standard software to develop the visual, characteristic and behavioural aspects of the simulation model, which when combined with known environment data creates high fidelity real time simulations.

Common understanding

Operationally, simulations can be made that either develop or validate operational procedures, reducing time and cost in the HAZID / risk reduction and onboarding stages.

Project team training

Extensive research shows that with training and repetition comes an improvement in performance.

Our bespoke simulations provide the opportunity to train the actual team in the real operation,

allowing different disciplines to effectively practice together prior to going offshore.

This capability, which would traditionally entail additional expenditure, with our simulations, comes as a no capital cost benefit.

Improvements in safety, quality and /or efficiency are gained by training large scale simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) at optimum performance and accuracy levels. Ultimately this leads to cost reductions.

Feedback has shown that our Simulation is so realistic that the users quickly forget they are not actually offshore, and that team members can be exposed to more critical scenarios in a day of simulation training than most people experience in a lifetime offshore.

The training environment can be greatly enhanced by adding context specific information to make what we call Augmented Simulation.

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