solutions for the upstream oil & gas industry

customized chemical treatment services to reduce or eliminate risks and costs associated with paraffin deposition and gelation

You know you have a waxy, high pour point crude or condensate, but it is difficult to predict how or where it will impact your production.

SUEZ offers a comprehensive wax flow assurance expert service called WaxPerT* to understand the fundamental causes of oil instability and develop superior chemical solutions.

The complete portfolio of WaxPerT* technologies provide:

  • Rapid on-site analysis and monitoring of flow assurance risk, using advanced chemistry data analytics.
  • Selection of customized chemical mitigation program, designed to achieve optimized pour point depression and wax inhibition performance.
  • In-depth flow assurance simulation to enhance waxy oil production and transportation.

WaxPerT* main performance benefits:

  • Better monitoring of wax precipitation risks in production systems using advanced data analytics
  • Improved performance of paraffin inhibition programs
  • Recommendations to optimize pigging and cleanup programs
  • Rapid analysis for effective customized solutions and mitigation strategies
  • Increased oil production and associated revenue due to reduction of wax related challenges
  • Reduced costs related to failures, pigging and workovers
  • Reduced overall lifting costs
  • Improved HSE performance metrics due to improved internal flowline / pipeline conditions

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*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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